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By registering using the Facebook Connect system, you allow Tinder to retrieve information such as your age, your interests or your friends list.

On the left, I do not like, and I’ll never see this profile. Connected to your Facebook account more authenticity, the application lets you know if you share interests (like your passion for Harry Potter or old Peugeot bikes) and / or public relations with the other .

And your well chosen profile photo will be witnesses, the application does not disappoint.

This database is thrown by an algorithm that determines which profiles that suit you in your geographical area (adjustable from 10 to 100 km).

From there, Tinder scrolls on your screen photos or the ones he has selected and simply say yes or no to skip to the next photo.

The promise of Tinder is strong: flirt singles anonymously without taking rake.

Once download the app for your Android or i OS phone, you are asked to request you to log into your Facebook account from the start.

Tinder, it’s just like a social network again, on which it is quick and easy to register without being forced to “sell” to cheat with reality to attract shoppers …

The Tinder principle is a flirt speed coupled with geolocation of users in the immediate vicinity.

Tinder for PC is the the trendiest dating application of the moment.

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