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Using the right scripts, a website can determine which server resolved a DNS request directed to it.

This will not allow it to pinpoint your exact real IP address, but will foil attempts to geo-spoof your location, and allows police etc.

If you haven’t chosen a provider yet, read this article.

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Did nto have to untar the file in the flash drive . the Firmware T(1)Note that the DVR server port number changed after the firmware upgrade from default 2000 to 1160 .

So if you have a pinhole opened for the 2000 change port at the DVR or at the router to match 2.

For now, however, the vast majority of internet addresses still use the IPv4 standard.

When using a VPN, your Operating System (OS) can sometimes get confused, sending IPv4 requests through to the DNS server specified in its default settings (usually run by your ISP), instead of through the VPN tunnel (as it’s supposed to.) This can occur with any OS, but Windows is notably guilty in this respect.

The only way for them to discover your true IP address, therefore, is to convince your VPN provider to hand it over to them (and good providers use robust measures, such as using shared IPs and keeping no logs, to make this as difficult as possible.) At least this is the theory…

Unfortunately, and for various reasons discussed below, it is sometimes possible for websites to detect your true IP address, even when using a VPN.

I have an old Q-See QSD2316L used to work for remote viewing and had stopped working , most likely after OS or IE upgrade .

Following msg when accessing local intranet or ourside the router. Had tried changing the router , enabled every Active-x setting in IE and had givenup on it.

A friend of mine gave me a 16 port DVR to replace my 4 port DVR.

He said I needed to update the firmware and download the CMS software so I can view from my PC.

Downloaded the CMS software from Q-See I used the following CMS software following the instruction to install and configure my DVR Now/T-How to Add Devices into Works good now as stand Alone client ..

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