Tennage dating

Some parents believe that their child would tell them if there was a problem like that, unfortunately this is not usually the case.Other parents believe that their child would never "allow" someone to be abusive to them.

While it is possible that your child's response will be extreme, it is perfectly natural and healthy for them to want you to approve of their significant other.

They also may feel insecure or frustrated at any apparent distrust you have of them or their judgment (however merited).

The reality is that many teens assume guilt and shame in these types of situations and are highly unlikely to disclose the abuse to anyone.

If you genuinely suspect that your child's boyfriend or girlfriend is physically or emotionally abusive, you need to get involved.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do to decide your dating policy is to define dating.

Does dating include referring to you as a boyfriend or girlfriend but never going anywhere together? What about just groups of friends that go out together?

One of the toughest areas of raising a teenager is determining how to approach dating and sexuality.

This is also one of the most hotly contested aspects of your relationship with your teen since they are unlikely to have all of the same opinions regarding dating and sex that you have.

They may not tell you but their response may give you a little more insight into the situation.

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