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He threatened her and said that he would tell her parents and then lock her up if she tried to escape. She started howling and begged me to drop her home.

He asked for her cell phone number and said that he would like to meet her every week from now and then let her go. She asked me not to say anything to anyone or the police guys would become our enemies.

So perhaps you are not able to go out and enjoy an alcoholic beverage.

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The guy who sat next to me asked me to drive to the Kohsar Police Station, where he said they would lock us up.

According to them, I had committed an immoral crime by standing next to a girl in a dark place.

Nightlife in Islamabad can prove rather interesting.

Before you dress up and ready yourself for a night on the town, you need to consider a few things though.

A few minutes later, I was about to start my car when he turned his face towards mine and said that he would let me free if I gave him Rs20,000 in cash.

I remained silent and before I knew it he snatched my wallet.

Hot Shots is another “club” location, and it does have dancing.

However, if you need alcohol to get your groove on and just aren’t able to purchase any, you can always skip the dancing and just head to the bowling alley on site.

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