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Die Uferpromenaden sind nicht pitoresk wie in Paris sondern chaotisch überbaut.

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"My Name is Kim San Soon" is a korean drama which I am watching recently.

Actually I used to watch Japanese drama more than Korean drama because I think the story line of Korean drama is quite slow and boring, unlike Japanese drama which is usually short and clear.

There is a simple reason - this General was a veteran of the International Brigades in Spain.

Admittedly it is not the most beautiful of monuments, but it is the suppression of any memorial to the many Polish people who fought and died fighting fascism in Spain that I object to most strongly The ruling centre-right Citizens Platform (PO) with the support of the rightist Law and Justice party, both essentially right wing parties, see the historic role of the International Brigades not as the first real challenge to the rise of fascism in Europe but rather as an expression of communist iniquity, and anything which places communists in the context of their undoubtedly heroic role in combatting fascism in Europe is loathed and feared. Karol Swierczewski was born in 1897 in Warsaw, into a poor working class family. During the First World War, he was evacuated to Moscow.

In 1918 he joined the Bolshevik Party and fought in the Russian Civil War as a soldier of the Red Army During the Spanish Civil War, under the nom de guerre of , he commanded the XIV International Brigade, and later the 35th International Division.

It is widely believed that Swierczewski/Walter was the inspiration for the figure of General Golz in Ernest Hemingway's estate was donated to the Association of Friends of the International Brigades.And now, I am watching "My Name is Kim San Soon", which is a very very funny drama. I don't know how to explain how interesting the drama is, but I just can't stop watching it. Then she worked for this guy and the story goes on and on.... can't understand why such an ordinary and fat lady surrounded by all these handsome guys? especially when the hero trying to confess, with his handsome face... SS manages to find a job at "Bon Appetite" restaurant when she gets acquainted with the owner of the restaurant, Hyun Jin Heon (JH). Three years ago, a fatal car accident, where JH was the driver, resulted in the death of his elder brother and sister-in-law; and at the very same time his girlfriend of 5 years left him for her studies in the US.Now I just finished watching episode 13, haven't finished downloading the other episodes. JH had to endure both physical and mental pain to overcome his problems and rebuild his life.Und das ist auch ein Unterschied zwischen den beiden Metropolen: Die Underground sieht zwar schnittiger aus als die gemütlichen Metro-Waggons im Pariser Untergrund, aber mit der Funktionstüchtigkeit ist es nicht so weit her.Jedes Wochenende werden zur Überholung gleich mehrere Streckenabschnitte komplett geschlossen.Miguel Angel Martinez, who was jailed under Franco.

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