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It's slightly longer than we'd like and the simple slide action on some Android handsets is quicker.

To unlock a touchscreen BB 10 handset you need to slide your finger up the screen.

After a number of delays and setbacks Black Berry 10 finally arrived in January and Black Berry's new mobile platform has already witnessed its major first update in its life cycle with Black Berry 10.1 now available on all three BB10 devices.

We've explored the new version of the operating system and have updated our Black Berry 10 review accordingly - you lucky, lucky people.

To be fair we've seen pretty good battery life from both the Black Berry Z10 and Q10 during our in-depth review process, so we're inclined to believe Black Berry's claims.

If you get fed up of seeing a particular frame then you can easily close it by hitting the small cross in the bottom right corner and if you close all the panes you'll be taken by default to the first page in the app list until you open another.

Hi, I installed windows 10 last week and after that my laptop won't turn off when I click shut down and the screen just gets black and I should press the power button to turn it off.

I tried some ways that I found in youtube but none of them worked so please tell me the effective way . When you're in an app there's no back button on screen to help you exit.This brings us to another key feature of BB10, as it encourages you to use a gesture to quit applications by running your finger up from the bottom of the screen, returning you to the active frame view.When viewing the lock screen you can drag down from the top of the display to show the night time clock mode - which has a lovely analogue clock face and a toggle for your alarm.The black background and red highlights mean when you check the time in the middle of the night you won't be blinded by a bright display, which is always a bonus.While this is easy to do on the Z10 and Q5 it's a little trickier with the Q10 which doesn't provide any additional space between the bottom of the display and its QWERTY keyboard.

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