Dating persian jewish men

She had left her Orthodox upbringing because she found it too paternalistic for her feminist tastes.“Anyway, I never even saw your profile – you saw mine and rejected me,” she said.

It was true: I’d discounted her because her profile said she was “traditional” and kept kosher in her house.

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Yet I never heard people my own age make these differentiations.

We tended to categorize people by their socioeconomic class: Were they educated, artists, upwardly mobile, yuppies or creative types?

As a secular Israeli who fought the stranglehold of my country’s rabbinical institutions, it was something with which I could not live.“It’s not the same,” I told her.

“I discriminated against you, personally, and you discriminated against a whole race of people.”Who is worse: Her for discriminating against Sephardim as a group, or me for discriminating against an individual that doesn’t share my religious beliefs? We recently married and settled on a semi-kosher household (read: we don’t have bacon for breakfast).

Her friends were great: educated, liberal traditional Jews who seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me.

While their religious rituals were new to me — I never saw people washing their hands and not speaking before making blessings on the challah — it was the conversation that shocked me.“Are you Sephardic? Everyone stopped talking.“I have some Sephardi friends,” another guest offered. They weren’t really inquiring about my origins — my dark skin was a dead giveaway.

This deliverance is the basis for celebration of the Jewish festival Purim.

When she was chosen as the king’s concubine, she did not reveal that she was Jewish, out of fear of being harmed or shunned.

Often when someone in America would say Sephardic, they would be referring to someone from one of those communities, where the women marry young — usually older men who work in cash businesses such as shmattas or electronics — and the men look for a traditional “girl” to be a stay-at-home mom.

Little did I know that my girlfriend was just as bad.

NEW YORK — I had only known my girlfriend for a few weeks when she invited me to a friend’s house for Shabbat dinner on the Upper West Side.

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