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But by and large, this has been kept in its case for the majority of its life. It still looks really rich and lush, as it was when it left the factory,” he adds.“They started making Strats in earnest from October 1954, although there were early models made from March on.

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In fact, if you asked a child to draw an electric guitar there’s a high chance they’d draw something that resembled one, right down to the trio of pickups with one mounted at angle at the bridge.

But take a really close look at a variety of Strats built over the six decades that they’ve been manufactured and you start to realise that the Strat’s iconic body shape, as well as more obvious spec changes, has drifted quite a bit from its original form over time.

There was inconsistency through the years with the shape of the worm-hole route.

This route can either be a straight line with a small triangle shape or an L shape.

The early AVRI strat bodies produced at the Fullerton, CA plant (1982-1984) had many characteristic features from the later strat bodies produced at the Corona, CA plant (1985-present).

Namely, the rear cutout on Fullerton era strats were deeper, longer, and had a more subtle transition into the rest of the body.

This was done on the assembly line using a small handheld pin-router after finishes had been applied.

The result was a very thin section of wood being routed from the backside of the bridge pickup cutout as well as edges of the control cavity cutout.

This was done inconsistently during the late 1980's and it was not until the 1990's that date stamps were consistently used in the neck pocket.

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