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Only a small percentage of companies that adopt ambitious stretch goals succeed in meeting them.

The companies that try—and fail—are usually in trouble already.

That brought an unceremonious end to Mayer’s bold plans.

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A familiar task was involved, but the target was a drastic departure from the industry standard at the time, which was close to one hour.

Brand-new paths and approaches must be found to bring a stretch goal within reach.

Some organizations, like General Motors’ Opel division, have even failed numerous times with stretch initiatives.

The consequences of setting and then missing stretch goals can be profound.

What executive hasn’t dreamed of transforming an organization by achieving seemingly impossible goals through sheer force of will?

Indeed, in countless business narratives, the practice of setting such objectives has been celebrated as a key source of achievement.

Not only had Yahoo’s revenues remained flat, at around .9 billion, but the firm had reported a 2015 loss of .4 billion.

In July, Verizon agreed to take over the struggling company (though the deal hadn’t closed at the time of this writing).

Jim Collins and Jerry Porras’s 1990s business best seller which famously preached the virtue of setting “big, hairy, audacious goals,” was filled with such stories.

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