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On Tuesday, the first day I set up my Garmin Vivoactive (9), I assumed I'd be recharging it come Friday afternoon.

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The Garmin Connect IQ app store lets you customize the watch even more by adding screens and features you care about.

I added one that shows my daily step counts over the course of a week, and whether I hit my goal each day.

You can set a highlight color for the Vivoactive so that the hour shows up in, say, pink or light green, while the minutes display in white.

Want to reverse the display so it's black on white? Setting the alarm, which vibrates and rings, was easy enough for me to figure out through intuition, as was enabling activity-tracking when I was ready to record a run or walk.

A nearly identical button on the left lights up the screen and powers down the device when held.

The battery life is so remarkable, however, I doubt you'll have many occasions to shut it off.The 1.13-by-0.80-inch display (a memory-in-pixel, reflective LCD) is always on, making the Vivoactive a perpetual wristwatch.Without the wrist straps, the device itself measures 1.72 by 1.52 by 0.32 (HWD) inches and weighs just 0.63 ounces. Trust me when I say it's thin and light When you buy a Garmin Vivoactive, you have a few options.It makes sense to use tactile feedback with a device that's on your skin.When a notification comes to your Vivoactive from a Bluetooth-connected Android or i OS device, the watch vibrates and displays the alert.Instead of a spring hinge, the Vivoactive's straps are secured in place with tiny screws, and you get a tiny screwdriver with your purchase, too.

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