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Cracks now apear in the building but it is very repairable. With its strong white columns a European influence is obvious. Kumari House, Bimaheshwor Temple, Kabindradpur Sattal, House of the Priest, Kal Bhairab, Kabindra, Mahhendreshwar Temple, Taleju Temple, Vishnu & Indraha Temples and Jagannath Temple are all still standing safe. Legend has it that this complex is where Patan or rather “Lalitpur” got its name from.

It was during the Rana period, where there was a strong British presence, that this building was erected in 1908 to serve as a reception hall to foreign dignitaries. Also known as the Nine-story Palace Basantapur tower was one of the most iconic temples in Kathmandu Durbar Square. The inner palace is currently closed but it is believed to be intact. This complex contains several buildings and temples. There’s a courtyard that still contains fabulous woodwork and a sacred stone.

This page contains a list of temples that were either destroyed or damaged. To produce a complete inventory due to the huge humanitarian relief effort and determining what was a damaged temple or collapsed was quite exhausting.

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A complete list of all the temples in Patan including map locations is available in my guidebook to Patan city Bhaktapur's suburbs took more damage than any of its three main squares.

The iconic Nyatapola temple and most of Taumadhi square remains standing. One of the oldest temples in Nepal and an important place of pilgrimage in Bhaktapur. This is backed up by the image inside it which had 12th century stylings The majority of the Kathmandu Valley's temples have survived.

The problem has always been a lack of funding and sharing of areas with local municipalities .

Though tourists saw a near year on year increase in entry fees few saw any improvements.

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Most of this is in Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square.

Sadly Kathmandu Durbar Square has become embroiled in a bureaucratic quagmire and little has been done there.

Likewise the Kumbeshwar Temple Complex has survived though the main temple is leaning slightly. Nicknamed the temple of 1008 Buddha's it was constructed in 1556 by a devotee who wished to honor buddha. The building itself is still standing but has several cracks and interior damage that need to be repaired. The current building was erected in 1661 and suffered minor damage.

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