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Iauron sees her struggle, but is sure that once she accepts her destiny, everything will fall into place…but will it?

With the threat of the enemy still lurking in the shadows, can Daria embrace everything that has been laid at her feet and can Iauron let her go if she cannot?

To quote Aaron Tippin, one of my favorite country music stars growing up: “I got it honest.” Doesn’t the title grab and shake you a bit? This special lady makes me giggle every day with her spunky memes on coffee.

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Seeing the world from the perspective of a six-inch-tall action figure changed the way I saw .

The entire world became my playground as a story-teller.

Most of them were a variation of “I want to read more.” From that day on, I worked toward the goal of writing for a living, because I knew I would never be as happy doing anything else in my life. Former warlock Chance Fortunato is finally getting his life back on track after his disastrous semester at the Franklin Academy.

But when demonic attacks surge in New Essex, Chance knows he has to join the fight.

I had to write a much more broken man than I have ever been, so I tried to imagine how one of my best friends, a Marine, would handle certain situations if he were to suffer the same tragedies suffered by my main character.

FYI, the other side of my coin – is portrayed by one of my other favorite characters: John Knox.While I love to read thrillers; do research on current events, military, and religions; learn about martial arts; lift weights; watch movies and TV, and of course spend time with my family – my main goal in life is to reach the world for Christ, one reader at a time. The link to buy is HERE If you ever wanted to see a great comeback story, especially about a favorite character who is presumed dead… Although my first book tells one story about the main character, Robert Brady, Dead Memories tells the man’s story in a much deeper perspective, as a very tragic man has to learn who he is all over again. I wrote Dead Memories in response to so many comments and reviews referring to how much readers enjoyed the character or Robert Brady; so much so, the character earned his own series.I just happen to include a lot of action along the way. And I love entering the mind of Robert Brady because he is such a strong reflection of one side of two coins I present in ALL my novels so far: One side of the coin sees radical Islam, and even Islam itself, as an opportunity to reach out to misinformed people, to tell them about the identity of Jesus Christ; the other side of the coin shows Islam itself as a danger to society and sees only one way to stop a threat – with force.I am blessed to have him around a while longer, and hope to stake a claim on leading a successful life – the way my DAD did!I got his looks, I got his temper, I got his physical strength and then some, I got his love for family, and I got his love for God. But overall, it is easy to see how influential my father has been in my life.I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Killer Nashville.

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