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I was like, ' I'm going to blow it right away and then that way you don't feel bad.'" []4. Then, I think people weren’t really sure what was going on, but they were crying because we were crying.

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So we abandoned that and we came up with our own original story, which we really felt was of this time and this moment. That’s what Clancy did — he took you inside the issues of the day and entertained you, but also gave you some more understanding about what’s behind those things.

That was our goal as well.” Jack Ryan marks the second time that Krasinski — who made his name as goofy, lovable Jim on The Office — will be playing a national security operative fighting the forces of terrorism, following his starring role in last year’s 13 Hours.

When he gets there, we learn that Pierce is actually playing James Greer, Jack’s new boss. That wasn’t all the Jack Ryan team had for fans, though.

They also unveiled a brand-new trailer for the series, which used several shots from those first minutes but also featured Cornish as Dr.

), John just loves to gush about Emily, which makes him all the more crush-worthy.

He was on earlier this week and of course, couldn't resist telling Matt Lauer all about his lovely partner.

Cathy Mueller, whom Jack meets for the first time at a party hosted by her father, and several action clips highlighting Jack’s gradual transformation from bookish computer guy to accomplished field agent.

In Clancy’s novels, Jack is married to Cathy, and Greer is not his immediate supervisor but a much higher superior in the CIA.

“So in our version, James Greer is just Jack’s immediate boss; in the books and movies, he’s way above him in the CIA. He’s a really successful analyst, but in our story, he gets his first experience in the field, and we get to see how that works out for him.” As Krasinski joked at one point during the panel, he is approximately the 73rd actor to play the titular hero on screen.

We wanted to start Jack and Cathy’s relationship when they were dating, so there was some dynamism there and we could see how that relationship unfolds. But one big difference between him and his predecessors (including Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford, and Chris Pine) is that this version is not based on any one Clancy novel, but instead throws the author’s iconic characters into a new story that resonates with the geopolitics of the modern world.

I feel the exact same way about this show, and getting to go to the CIA and meet these people.

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