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We can debate the things that make a pitcher great until we're all blue in the face, but one fact that cannot be denied is that pitchers capable of striking out hitters in bunches are off to a good start on the road to greatness. But for three seasons, Scarce was a pretty reliable reliever.

The chances of making it to the Major League is slim, let alone each and every pitcher who can strike a batter out with relative ease becoming a big league player. The tougher they are to hit, the more likely it is for a hitter to strike out. While he would spend three pretty good seasons in Philadelphia, the Phillies would eventually trade him to the New York Mets as part of the package for Tug Mc Graw.

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I make sure to show that I think they're ridiculous when putting on that tough guy act. They make sure to find a way to tell me how funny it is that everyone is afraid of me. :)Having 36 visible tattoos doesn't hurt my "I'm the boss" reputation either, though I think it's the silliest thing ever to think someone is a bad ass because they've spent a lot of money to wear their art.

I walk through the unit with my jaw clinched and eyes straight ahead. I don't play favorites and make sure they know exactly what's expected of them.

He'd go on to spend five seasons in Philadelphia and they were good ones.

Baldschun won 39 games and posted a 3.18 ERA before the Phillies traded him to the Baltimore Orioles.

Beech broke his finger and Offerman was suspended indefinitely.

(Of course, he'd later be banned for life in a different league, for a different reason). The left-handed pitcher was a seventh round draft choice by the Phillies in 1994 and played with the club for three seasons from 1996-98.

Strikeouts: 188K/9: 7.0Jose Mesa doesn't exactly have the greatest reputation here in Philadelphia, but then again, he wasn't exactly the greatest closer in the world either, despite being the Phillies' all-time leader in saves.

Of course, not many of those were "quality saves" anyway. He posted sub-three ERAs in each of his first two seasons with the Phillies before tanking in 2003.

After playing a clip from Tillerson's presser, co-host Sandra Smith asked #One Lucky Guy, Guy Benson, his reaction to the story.

Benson said he thought the press conference was "an audience of one" named Trump.

He also spent 14 years with the Phillies, faced more than 15,000 batters, and never posted a K/9 mark of better than 5.2.

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