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“He lived in the 1800s, in an era that we only know of from books and old movies. I would love to go back to the time when I was still young, but with the knowledge that I have now.” In the series, Ritz Azul plays his lady love Sophia.Lorenzo spoke and dressed very differently,” Paulo pointed out. “He first revealed himself to Sophia when she was still young.Beyond Queen Street the remaining New Town Preservation area is mostly residential, and the city can boast of having the most intact Georgian city in the whole of Europe, and has Unicef World Heritage Site status.

In the series, Paulo portrays four characters—Lorenzo (1886), Emil (1998), Nicholas (2010) and Lawrence (2017). That is why I will have to assume different identities through time,” he explained.

“As a doctor, I will acquire knowledge that I will willingly pass on to people.” Of all his characters, Paulo said playing Lorenzo was the most challenging.

The visitor to the Castle is awarded with magnificent panoramas in every direction when they visit the Castle.

No matter whether you are on the lowest levels of the Castle, or the highest points, visitors are delighted by what can be seen.

Over one thousand years of history sit on top of the famous Edinburgh rock, and when you see Edinburgh Castle you will understand why over a million visitors a year visit Edinburgh Castle.

When you come to Scotland and visit Edinburgh Castle you will see why the early inhabitants of the area we now call Edinburgh, made their first settlements here, in what is now the city of Edinburgh.

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People have always sought a safe refuge, and the volcanic rock that forms the base of Edinburgh Castle, has always afforded the ultimate safe and defensive position in Edinburgh.

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