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"Let me guess," I started, "part of you knows you have to go home and deal w [NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By Urban_Legend555] [Mrs.

Benson has no idea that Charlie found those pictures.] His parents were both at work and Charlie was skipping class at Moorby College to avoid a chemistry test.

I was a bit nervous - confrontation has never been my strong suit - but something about the quality of this event had brought out my ruthless side.

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And although I'm sure you could read it as a stand-alone story, I'm not sure it will make a lot of sense, as p [BLACKMAIL/Domination & Submission] By Longe [Gorgeous spoiled Housewife is turned into a Sex Slave.] The Blackmailed Wife Ann is gorgeous, and she knows it.

Ann has been married to Steve, for five of her twenty nine years of life.

I put my precious roll of black and white film in a safe place and tried to make the time pass quickly.

I'd taken the photos on Friday night, and Saturday I had a date w - Modus Vivendi - I sat down in a back booth and ordered a bowl of red chowder.

We w Chapter 7 - Sir Richard and Miss Kitty Hit the Road - Ann owned a nice little red convertible VW Bug, which was, of course, parked conveniently in the garage below our trusting spot. I've, you know, done things with my hands be - Educating Mattie - We began slowly, as they had.

Our deal had been that although within the walls of that garage apartment Ann would treat me like the most intimat Chapter 9 - Adventuring Outside And that was that. We laid Mattie on her back, and Ann knelt between her thighs and began to lick her pussy, lightly.

"Okay then, I'll go back to my [MATURE] [By Beatnic_Jazzman] [His involvement deepens.] My cock showed interest enough despite my worries about my earlier exertions with Heather and I was able to perform and give her a third orgasm as a bonus before succumbing to my own.

I grumbled as she disturbed me getting up, snatchin [TEENAGE SEX] [By Vanessa Evans] [Original, UN-edited, Story Series] Part 14 My first few months at University - sixth part Ella Wed told Ella that her third hazing was her final one; and to be fair, shed performed extremely well at all her hazings.

He was bored with daytime TV and was snooping in his parents' bedroom looking for [NON-CONSENT/Reluctance] [By Urban_Legend555] [Mrs.

Benson pictures are the least of her worries now.] Mrs. Her head felt disengaged from her body, her mind disconnected from the reality that gripped her.

They helped her to her feet touching, t [INCEST/Taboo Story] [By Baronde Sade] [He finds out his mother is being blackmailed by neighbor.] Chapter One - Blackmailed - Jake topped the ridge overlooking the Johnson ranch house and reined in.

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