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Then when I was busy living my life, I met a great guy.Not only was he soo my type, tall, bearded, big nose (yeah it’s kinda my thing) with dreamy eyes, he looked at the scar on my chest and winked up at me.It’s that time of year again, after the big major holidays have passed and before the beautiful, renewing Spring weather returns, that we find pink and red hearts everywhere. But does that mean romance is in the air if you’re a cancer survivor? Vanessa is a passionate stage IV survivor and longtime volunteer and buddy for Colon Cancer Alliance.

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Today, however, you become a survivor literally the minute you are given that devastating news of having cancer in your body.

With that being said, let’s discuss why cancer survivors should be open to dating using my own foray into the dating world as an example.

The colon cancer in my body was going in and out of my large and small intestines like a roller coaster, that ate up my appendix, was coming through my abdominal wall, later decided to go up to my left lung and as a bonus, my life saving chemotherapy port decided to develop a huge clot in the part went into my heart.

All those years of on and off chemo cocktails, countless procedures and surgeries, 10 to be exact, have left my body majorly battled scarred and crooked, but it was okay because I was married and would never have to worry about dating again, or so I thought.

(I was blessed to have one young but that’s a whole other future blog.) So what do you do when you find yourself single again after having survived stage IV colon cancer? This body of mine was a testament to everything I have been through and survived.

Armed with this newly developed confidence and self-esteem, I joined a couple of dating sites and my dating adventures began. It was one crazy date after the other, too young, too old, married but pretended to be single, single but living with their ex-wife, ugh was this what the dating world has to offer?

Not only was I a cancer survivor who still gets treated by different specialists, for the long-term effects of late stage cancer, but I had been out of the dating scene for 12 years!

Countless of dates later, yes I do not give up easy, I started to lose my faith in being able to find romance.

As some of you may have already realized, cancer changes us.

Not only our outer bodies, but our inner selves as well. But in between my moments of complete darkness and acceptance to a life of solitude came this incredible and life altering thought blaring out at me like a neon flashing light….

Healthy relationships, particularly in the context of dating or sexual activity, play an important role in increasing the use of contraception and preventing teen pregnancy.

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