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[Maniac accumulated stack, stack decay and refresh intervals]( WM9mn M.jpg) !

[Muscle regen cooldown]( C.jpg) ! [Armorer damage invulnerability duration and cooldown]( Dm.jpg) !

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[Bloodthirst reload speed boost duration]( W5o.jpg) !

[Critical hit chance gauge, Dire Need, Second Wind duration and Unseen Strike damage avoidance duration]( !

[Uppers range gauge]( Upm1.jpg) ! [Uppers auto-heal cooldown]( Qdu.jpg) ! [Lock 'n Load reload speed boost]( Vk B.jpg) !

[Bulletstorm duration]( Ri V9g9.jpg) ! [Bulletstorm potential duration]( ! [Mod options]( Vye.png) ## Usage Installation of the mod is straightforward - simply install the mod **the same way as any other BLT mod (i.e.

This mod integrates its options menu as a submenu of BLT's *Mod Options* menu.

## Notes and limitations - Poco Hud must be installed for this mod to function (you will be prompted to download it through BLT if it has not already been installed) - **Poco Hud's *Buff* feature must be enabled for this mod to have any effect** - This mod does not handle displaying the information on its own - instead, it calls certain Poco Hud functions to display the tracked information as though Poco Hud itself were tracking it - **The additional information being tracked by this mod must be toggled in this mod's own options menu, not Poco Hud's menu** - The Maniac perk deck's accumulated stacks are shown as a percentage of the maximum attainable stacks per tick, which at the time of writing is 240 (the absolute maximum attainable stack size - across multiple ticks - is 600) - The Hostage Taker skill and Muscle perk deck both share the same indicator. when the mission briefing GUI is shown) 0.0.2 / revision 4 'Slower than sloths, molasses, and glaciers': - Initial formal release - Updated for compatibility with BLT 2.x - Added an empty placeholder icon (cba to make a proper one atm) - Fixed the setting adjustment not being triggered for Crime Spree hosts (thanks to The Robbebas for reporting the issue) - Added Mod Options configuration menu - Added options for controlling the minimum and maximum streaming chunk size overrides applied by the mod (minimum defaults to 128 since 32 is likely to be too aggressive) ## About This mod extends Poco Hud to add support for tracking and displaying the following information: - Bullseye skill cooldown - Armorer perk deck damage invulnerability duration and cooldown - Maniac perk deck stack refresh and decay intervals - Accumulated Maniac stack - Hostage Taker / Muscle regen cooldown - Grinder perk deck stacking cooldown and regen duration - Aggressive Reload skill duration - Inspire skill revive cooldown - Forced Friendship skill damage absorption - Dire Need skill duration - Ammo Efficiency skill duration and headshot count - Unseen Strike skill damage avoidance and critical hit chance boost durations - Cumulative critical hit chance - Second Wind skill move speed boost duration - Up You Go skill damage reduction duration - Running From Death skill weapon swap / reload speed boost and move speed boost durations - Bloodthirst skill melee damage boost and weapon reload speed boost duration - Cumulative dodge chance (after the armor penalty is applied) - Sixth Sense skill initial delay, sensing cooldown, and detected unit count (only while highlighted) - Anarchist perk deck passive armor regen gain amount and cooldown, and Lust for Life perk cooldown - Biker perk deck kill count and overall cooldown - Uppers skill range gauge and auto-heal cooldown - Lock 'n Load skill reload speed boost - Sociopath perk deck cooldowns (only one indicator will be shown) - Bulletstorm skill duration and potential Each of the above trackers can be independently disabled in this mod's options menu. ## Credits - The localizations loading code was from *Tdl Q*'s excellent Lobby Player Info mod - This mod was requested by *slidedrum* - This mod was improved upon with feedback from *slidedrum* and *Mc Killem* (also; shoutout to *Sounds\_of\_the\_Future* as well for letting more people know of the existence of this mod prior to its formal release) ## Download [ ## Changelog 0.0.1 / revision 1: - Initial private release / revision 2: - Replaced the Menu Setup:init_finalize() hook with a generic one applied on Setup:init_finalize() instead so it is invoked across all game states - Replaced the Network Game Setup:init_finalize() hook with one applied on Player Manager:spawned_player() to resolve issues with the setting adjustment being triggered too early / revision 3: - Added additional hooks to force the Streaming Chunk KB setting back to 4096 for the following game states: - Main menu - Transitioning from in-game back to the main menu / lobby (applies to both contract termination and quits) - Level restarting - Ingame Lobby Menu State (i.e.[Critical hit chance gauge and Unseen Strike critical hit chance boost duration]( FLJ.jpg) ![Bloodthirst melee damage boost and Dire Need duration]( ! ### Note: This mod *heavily* favors game stability over skill tracking correctness, and attempts to avoid duplicating or otherwise influencing the game code wherever possible by tracking them externally through events (preferred for efficiency) or polls (if there is no other option).

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