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He ordered two shrimp cakes and a bottle of grape juice, which cost him 20 yuan, or a little less than .Sun was dressed in a navy blue suit, and wore his dyed black hair slicked back.

The seniors are alleged to have been speaking too loudly, taking up seats for excessive periods of time and bringing in their own food.

But there might be a more salacious reason why elderly were assembling in IKEA: According to Chinese media reports, the store in question was being used as a hunting ground by lonely single seniors every Tuesday and Thursday.

Perhaps IKEA should consider introducing their DIY-style restaurant to Shanghai, which sounds like a much more fun first date than lukewarm cups of coffee.

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With their loyalty cards in hand, the single senior citizens would enjoy a cup of free coffee and then spend the rest of their day mingling and, in a sense, speed-dating.

The group has been holding meetings in the IKEA cafeteria for the past five years, but the blind dates recently took a turn.

But if you look around the Beijing IKEA, you can see there’s no one here on a date.”As Liu says this, an elderly man plops down onto the empty seat next to us. After several minutes of awkward silence, the man gets up to leave.

Perhaps he'd be better off trying his luck at the park.

Complaints were filed with the store about “spitting” and “quarrels and fights” breaking out between the elderly singles in the cafeteria.

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