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Instead do five minutes on the treadmill and five pushups a day.

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Well, I think I was more embarrassed than he was, he make a joke and that was that.

We don’t talk about it, but I have teased him on rare occasion.

My son’s school uses a program called “Track My Progress” for measuring homework completion rates, and every day he can see how he’s improving.

If he is a good Father in Law it will have been like him accidentally seeing one of his kids.

You can measure progress by how much you’ve done or how much you still have left to do. Research proves that seeing your progress and how much you have completed will inspire you to keep pushing. You need a big explosion to start a change, but it’s the tiny moves forward that will make a lasting difference.

A study from the University of Chicago discovered that you’ll be way more motivated if you focus on the smaller of two numbers. I bet in a few years, you will all be able to joke about it and have a good laugh… If you think that’s bad, try being 14 and seeing your grandfather in the buff.(sorry for using the work em”barrassed” so much…_ Comment by DG at Diaryofamadbathroom. I have been a guest at my in-laws house many, many times over the years and just can’t figure out how that happens… My grandparents’ house was set back in the woods, and my grandfather would duck out naked to get the paper in the morning.I was staying with my son when my granddaughter was born and their bathroom was at the top of the stairs, well, I was on my way to go potty and my son strode out of the bathroom buck naked….Lets just say I now know why the girls all chased him around before he got married….This explosion of energy is called activation energy. You’ll never feel like it; you’ll never be ready; there is no right time. Once you’ve started, it’s easy to flame out—unless you know the science-backed tricks for maintaining momentum.

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