Verizon updating phone software

So how it works in our family: two parents, two boys aged 7 and 5.If one of the boys finds an app they’d like to download they bring the phone to us and we evaluate it and if we agree, parents enter the password for dad’s Apple ID.It’s important for only you (and other adults in the family) to know the Restrictions passcode and that it be unique because otherwise savvy or older kids could just disable these restrictions.

However, one possible savings option is Apple’s refurbished store which offers great quality and warrantees for a discounted price.

Alright, the kids are excited…they understand now that there’s something in it for them that momma is upgrading BUT momma, before we move into the next step make sure everything on your new phone is good to go. Now we’re going to bring the old i Phone back to when it was just a baby i Phone on a boat from China. The best way to do this is to go old school style and plug the old i Phone into your Mac and through i Tunes restore your device to factory settings.

This is no longer a phone, but we have to be the one to break it to the device, otherwise it’ll show up to public events acting all like an i Phone even though it’s clear it’s had the i Pod Touch procedure.

Do that by going to Settingsand type in a new passcode one that is different from the passcode you created when setting up the device.

I also found this article from Be Web Smart helpful in exploring the option of leaving Safari on but limiting the sites it will reach.

I find the i OS restrictions enough for my family at this time but if you’re looking for even more control, I’d take a look at Bradley Chamber’s recommendation of Curbi.Bradley is a geek, a father, the Apple IT guy for an elementary school, and co-host of a podcast about using Apple tech in education so I trust his recommendation.Curbi allows you not only to set more restrictions, but also to manage the time spent on devices as well as observe (let’s face it, spy) on how they’re being used.It’s easy just double-click on the name of the i Phone in the top left, it’ll turn blue, and then type the name of your kid(or kids, my boys share this device.) and “If lost please call: Your-phone-number.” It’ll look like this: Okay now, return to the phone: you’ll see the familiar Apple “Hello, Hola, etc” screen: So, then: Yes, if you’ve come this far it’s time for your little person to have their own Apple ID.We want them to have an Apple ID not because we want them to use it to BUY stuff on i Tunes or the App Store (we’ll set that to your account) BUT so that they can BACKUP the device’s data to i Cloud with their own free 5GB.In our house, only mom and dad know the purchasing Apple ID password.

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