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In its early independent history, Kenya faced attempted coups and assassinations, and other internal unrest, but in more recent history, the country has stabilized.Neighboring Countries of Kenya Kenya shares borders with Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan.The capital, Nairobi, has several major attractions of its own, many of which are related to the country's wildlife.

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The rebels were suppressed by the British military, but the British handed over authority to the people of Kenya.

Kenya was granted independence in 1963, and became the Republic of Kenya in 1964.

In Mombasa, visitors can witness Kenya's colonial history, with the historic Old Town, a Portuguese fort, and architecture in many architectural styles, including Portuguese and Islamic styles.

Transportation The main international airports in Kenya are Jomo Kenyatta International, in the capital, Mombasa's Moi International, Kisumu International, and Eldoret International.

Buses, however, are available from Tanzania and Uganda.

Long-distance buses are available between cities, which can be dangerous and are recommended to take during the day.

The interaction between Arab settlers brought Islam to Kenya, as well as other cultural exchanges.

The merchants who settled in Kenya conducted slave and ivory trade to India, the Arabian Peninsula, and China.

and later Nilotic tribes, and around the 100 AD, the Bantus who migrated from West Africa.

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