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They were allocated far and wide around the system and moved frequently over their remaining 3-4 year operational lives.

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Now, as we know there is a double-deck suitable bus terminal under these arches.

It was accepted by the early sixties that the Leyland units of the RT family would need to be disposed of much earlier than their AEC counterparts and arrangements were made in mid-1964 to select 23 of their RTL number having their last overhauls to receive and thus use up early RT10 roofbox bodies which had previously (except for a couple of prototypes) been restricted to the AECs.

I (and most enthusiasts) could certainly not then have envisaged that its last normal service survivors would in fact soldier on for another eighteen years!

In June of 1967 it was at last possible to start a proper service trial for the unique rear-engine Routemaster FRM1.

The tail-end of the trolleybus system came just within my photographic era (see more photos below).

Here, in Kingston early in 1962 a reprieved L3, No.1511 glides under the railway bridge towards The Dittons.It was occasionally flooded under here which must have made for some interesting photos though I never saw it as such.In the background there's a helluva lot of people waiting to get into the cinema - I wonder what picture was being shown?It is wearing a lighter shade of green here and some RF's were likewise treated at this time. Now it's over fifty years later and I drove past this site for the first time in over three decades recently - wow! The whole frontage and area behind where RT33 is here is now full of modern glass and steel office blocks etc, a massive business and commercial area that has retained the address 566 Chiswick High Road.It certainly wasn't much to write home about latterly, but when you consider what the site represented, all that went on and was achieved there over many decades of the twentieth century it seems such a shame to have brush it all away in the name of so called progress but presumably it's at least lined the pockets of property magnates!Your Daily Telegraph will cost you about £1.50 today.

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