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I often enjoy Japanese movies where the heroine is a spy or super cop, but that's because it usually means the woman will be dressed in a really sexy outfit, such as the one Jyuri Wakabayashi wore in Industrial Spy, as seen here: Jyuri I did enjoy I was OK with the Scorpion movie (to be honest, I enjoyed the lesbo love scene in that one more than any of the GIMP scenes), but I was far more impressed with the Zero Woman movie.

I was initially pretty pumped about this movie, but my sense now is that the only good part might be the mock trailers. At first, I couldn't understand where you were getting your information about all three girls getting gagged, since before we had only seen Bijou Phillips ballgagged ( and then Heather Matarazzo hung upside naked.

I would have to agree with VM that I just want to say Happy Birthday to the Gimp board. I love to read everything everyone has to say on here even though I don't add much myself. Rich Canadian: I just hope that when Lisa addresses the crowd, she doesn't tell everyone (like William Shatner on Saturday Night Live) to "Get a life." Thanks to sites like EWP, In Shadow and Orgasmagoria, I've gotten several (some many times over! If she wants to volunteer to be next, I won't stop her. it looks like the cutest one of the three, Smokin' Babe Lauren German is going to get the treatment, too! It is actually a major miracle that a public forum even exists like this today.

Memories of having seen these 'naked' girls in bondage on occasion are happy ones!

Superheroines in stories automatically suggests villains, conflict, battles, good vs evil, risk, things at stake. Of course, the mainstream of these stories never went, or go, far enough!

This looks like real entertainment, what we all like to see, a film that celebrates the Victimization of Women! Just adding my birthday congratulations to Ralphus and the board. I know this was brought up before, but what exactly is the appeal of seeing women in costumes...presumably women with special powers...being put in dangerous situations? Maybe I just outgrew the idea of fantasy films involving fantasy characters.

Ironically, looks like Tarantino is behind this one, too, so maybe he'll get this one right. Take a bow everyone who contributes - take a risk everyone who doesn't. Now, I know when I was a kid, I was pretty excited whenever Batman came on, and it was a turn-on seeing the dynamic duo and especially Batgirl being placed some sort of deathtrap that they had to endure, like Batgirl being tied to the conveyor belt heading for the buzzsaw, for instance. Especially with my bondage fantasies; they are firmly grounded in reality.The "justicegirl" clips there (I saw bits of them through the punished heroines site a while back) are fucking hot as hell, but I'm super biased toward superheroine smut (I think it's from watching too many episodes of "She-Ra" as a kid), so take that recommendation with a grain of salt. Still, the parts in those films that I liked the best were when Lisa was already stripped of her costume and it became more of a typical ZFX bondage/torture scenario.I'd recommend buying one of the clips through the link, as the way the punishedheroines site works means you'll have to pay 75 bucks and wait two months to see them. And the weird sci-fi segments in some of Rick's films, as well as tentacle bondage anime..just don't do it for me. Lynda Carter was hot, but I'd rather see her tied up without the costume.Why are some (but not all) feminists such absurd prudes when it comes to aggressive sexual feelings directed at women? Hi gang -- Superheroine bondage serves no purpose for me. For me, a woman has to be subservient and damsel to appeal to me.Because they are trying to define sexual normalcy as a feminine-positive, politically correct thing. It fits in there somewhere between the female bodybuilder on steroids and the Russian powerlifter. GIMP POLL: Superheroine Bondage: Do you like it, love it, or are you lukewarm about it? I like it only in the sense that it's just another good possibility for a bondage scene."It's a pretty lame argument, and makes you think many of the so-called "normal" people haven't taken the time that we "deviants" have to stop and seriously think about morality issues." I couldn't agree more. But if people label getting turned on by violence "deviant," it helps to draw a nice clear line around "normal" sexuality. Usually, that's not where I want the story to go (*evil grin*). I like it enough actually that I can get turned on by somewhat mediocre superheroine bondage-- and honestly, quite a bit of what's out there is mediocre. .) The interesting question, though, is WHY do I love it. The idea is that those gals put themselves in danger to fight evil and to try to do good, and for their trouble they get tied up, raped, and tortured. Superheroine fantasies, as silly as they are, push the same buttons, especially Barbara Gordon (I'm partial to the animated version from the '90's Batman cartoons), who exemplifies both a kinda "Nancy Drew teenage detective do-gooder" and "tough superheroine chick" at the same time. I remember once at a concert a girl who was just about human perfection, dressed skin-tight this way. No, it doesn't look all grossly out-of-proportioned Wonder Woman-like.

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