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It was as though we had formed our very own dating support group.Now we had learned how to get a date, we moved on to how to behave while on a date.We all seemed to come out of the experience unscathed, some with a few phone numbers and dates.

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Hypnotherapist Matt Kendall started off by asking us to describe our ideal man: what he looked like, what sort of values he had and where we were likely to find him on a Saturday night.

This was harder to do than I thought but as Matt pointed out, if you don’t know who your perfect man is, how are you going find him? “So what’s stopping you from simply approaching an attractive man in the street and initiating a conversation? The key problem, he said, was fear of rejection so what we had to do was learn to take control and approach the situation head-on.

Maybe I’ll be a little more aware of wedding rings in the future too.

The Cyber-Dating Experts Online Dating Boot Camp is a private 30-day intensive program guaranteed to ramp up your love life.

Arriving for the two-day event at a hotel in central London, I had no idea what to expect.

I worried I’d meet a bunch of Bridget Jones-esque girls who cried into their wine glasses about how they wanted a man to complete their life so ­ I was surprised to face a group of attractive, smart women aged 22 to 34.

I went home on such a high that even getting a date with Mr Button didn’t seem outside the realms of possibility.

By day two I was exhausted as I dragged myself back to the group where we had a debrief about how the night went.

In that time I’ve played the dating scene, signed up to matchmaking agencies and internet sites and even tried speed-dating.

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