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Here are the things you should check in this case: Check content type hub URL Make Sure that the Taxonomy Feature is activated for Blank Sites If you have a site collection with a blank site as top-level site template, it’s very likely that the Taxonomy Feature (feature ID 73EF14B1-13A9-416b-A9B5-ECECA2B0604C) is not activated.

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Note 2: If the job stops prematurely no harm is done.

Restart it and it will continue from where it stopped – it will examine and skip the webs/lists that it already has processed.

Setting up a site as a content type hub isn’t that hard.

But in some cases, the content types won’t show up in the Content Type Gallery for a site collection.

Get Jobs curl "https://localhost/api/v0/staged/products/cf-6595dd22a5007e3f6f93/jobs" -k -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer Result 6.

Get Max in Flight curl "https://localhost/api/v0/staged/products/cf-6595dd22a5007e3f6f93/max_in_flight" -k -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer Result 7.The disadvantage is that they require administrator permissions to create, and have to be planned more carefully.List or library level content types are quick to create, but are unique to the library they're in.🙂 The procedure is: [-verbose] [-removefields] [-updatefields] For instance: stsadm -o cb Propagate Content Type -url -contenttype “My Article Page” –verbose The “removefields” switch specifies whether or not fields found in the list content type that are not in the site content type should be removed or not. New fields in the site content type will always be added to the list content types. I recommend that you use the verbose flag and pipe the output to a file, so that you can review that it did everything correctly.An update option has now been added you should consider that option as beta. The code does not handle site content types on sub sites I’ll probably add it fairly soon if I need it or time permits (does it ever?Target your Ops Manager IP: uaac target https://YOUR_OPSMAN_IP/uaa 2.

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