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(Sanford made headlines by not only cheating on his wife while in office but also confessing that his Argentine mistress was his 'soulmate.') In her review of Mark and Jenny are newlyweds, and it is Jenny's birthday.He gives her a hand-drawn card -- with a picture of half a bicycle.

For Christmas, another card -- with a picture of the other half. In time, however, I came to know this was just part of who he was." Nearly every woman can tell her own Jenny Sanford story of receiving an impersonal, insensitive, or downright cheap gift.

"Months later, he delivered the gift to me, a used purple bike he had purchased for $25! (Such as a colander for Christmas, given by a college boyfriend who -- after six years together --had clearly lost interest in "participating imaginatively".) When we're paying attention, we can read between the lines as writer and political analyst Joanne Bamberger did: There’s a reason I’m not married to the boyfriend who thought it was a good idea to give me a set of kitchen knives at Christmas, a coffee maker for my birthday and thought it was OK to continue seeing his ex-girlfriend “just as friends” when he was dating me!

It should show thought and also that you have taken an interest in them and what they like.

The thought put into it is much more important than the money spent, so this is why it can cause a real problem between a couple if the person receiving the present feels their partner got it wrong.

There's a meaning behind the type of gifts you receive, and each one provides insight into how he really feels about you.

Although the monetary value of a gift isn't always the most important factor, most experts on dating and relationships agree that the man who spends money on good quality (not costume) jewelry is saying something significant to the woman in his life.

"The gift is about people participating imaginatively in each other's lives," Fennell said. It may be a red flag that the relationship is in trouble and will not stand the test of time.

A sad glimpse into one such relationship was provided by Jenny Sanford in her 2010 memoir, , which detailed her collapsing marriage to her unfaithful spouse, South Carolina governor Mark Sanford.

My friends and I have been working on a passion project creating a podcast on the histories of small towns across America.

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