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Main course choices include Miso Glazed Salmon, Vegan Truffled Soba Noodles, Baby Got Back Ribs and Filet Mignon.The entire show and dining experience last just under 2 hours, leaving you fully entertained, but still begging for more.Prepare to have all your senses delighted as you are served delicious selections from our 3 star Cal Asian Fusion menu while you enjoy jaw dropping performances by the lovely ladies.

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On one website, in Hindi means “wedding”), a large number of users are parents who create profiles for their kids and pick and choose people for them.

While progressive families allow their kids more freedom in whom they date, marrying within the culture is still overwhelmingly important for South Asians.

Like Yente, the matchmaker in the Broadway musical “Fiddler on the Roof,” they will find you a find, catch you a catch — providing you’ve got the scratch.

Rent-a-Yente services like Ma’s bring the human touch back to an enterprise that had moved increasingly toward cold computerized calculus — sexual attraction by the algorithm method.

But Randhawa knew that kind of guy would be difficult to find in the Bay Area, where she hardly knew any other Indians.

So on a whim, she downloaded Dil Mil, a dating app designed for South Asians.In fact, Ma’s business depends in large part upon white men who want to marry Asian women — a group often derisively referred to by American-born Chinese women as “Asia-philes.” Most of the women who come to Your Asian Connection are recent immigrants, though an increasing number are what Ma calls “ABC,” or American Born Chinese.Hardly any Caucasian women want to date Asian men, Ma says. “Most Asian men feel they couldn’t handle Caucasian women,” she says. Here it’s equal.” That is but one of the cultural quirks that must be factored into every prospective alliance, because attitudes toward the opposite sex vary widely from one country to another.At Asia SF our goal is to make “time of your life” memories.The atmosphere is so richly saturated with friendliness and good-cheer that it is nearly impossible to resist joining in the merriment as soon as you enter.Dil Mil, from a San Francisco company, is one of dozens of dating apps geared toward religious and cultural groups.

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