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We’d like to say a big thank you to all organisations who donated promotional material and other resources for the event.

Six of our Cabinet Members volunteered to run a bake sale at the event and donated all profits to the mental health charity Mind.

They also used their stall to promote mental health organisations in and around East Sussex, including Young Minds, Right Here Brighton & Hove and Grassroots Suicide Prevention.

The Anti-Bullying Team have chosen to focus on one of the most common forms of bullying amongst young people for the remainder of their campaign - cyber bullying.

We are working with external agencies to promote ways to combat cyber bullying and raise awareness of how young people can report it.

It is secure, protects anonymity and is monitored by a team of trained nurses.

No message goes unanswered, with automated texts signposting alternative sources of help out-of-hours.

We learnt how to be an active listener, how to deal with anxiety and the techniques needed to be an efficient peer mentor. We joined with the CAMHS Download group, a team of young people with experience of mental health issues and together we worked on a young person-friendly toolkit and a teacher’s pack to help students and school staff recognise when someone is suffering with a mental health problem and offer them guidance.

The packs will also contain some practical tips to help people support themselves or a peer through a mental health issue.

We’ll also be supporting the delivery of the Safer Schools Survey in September, using creative ways to engage schools and students and circulating results and messages from the survey to schools and relevant parties.

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