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To make changes to these two fields, you will have to initiate a new application and pay the fees associated with the application.If payment has already been made, you can only update the following: - Your email - Address in the U. My passport information has changed since applying for my travel authorization through ESTA, what should I do?If the passport on which you based your travel authorization application has changed for whatever reason, you will have to begin the application process for a new travel authorization.

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You can then look through your application and check for errors.

If a mistake was made when filling out the passport information, name or date of birth, a new application will be needed, and the $37,00 USD fee must be submitted.

For eligibility question mistakes please see the following link: For inquiries or questions regarding this application, please click here I’ve made a mistake on my ESTA application regarding my Passport Issuance or Expiration Date. You can still make changes to the above-mentioned errors, provided the application has not yet been processed with payment.

If you have already made a payment, you will have to begin the application process again.

This new application is subject to the application fees.

There are other admissible changes that can be updated via the update option on the website.You can update your travel authorization if you wish to change your E-mail address or address of stay in the United States.Update your application by clicking the green button located on this page and follow the three simple steps in the online form.Applications containing errors and mistakes will be deleted by the system.No - The reason is because the Visa Waiver Program regulations only require that your ESTA authorization is valid for your date of arrival.If you have already applied for an ESTA Visa and you need to update the information - we can help you.

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