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Her daughter May, 42, by her French-born first husband Jean-Loup Courret, lives in Suffolk.

Lucian was furious when Annie wouldn’t let May — his granddaughter — pose for him at the age of six.

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One daughter, Alice, was in the moderately successful band Big Deal.

Susie Boyt, 47, a novelist and style columnist for the Financial Times, is the youngest of the Boyt brood and says her sister Rose largely brought her up.

She recalled him moving her hair off her nipples with his paintbrush.‘There was some hurt done, not intentionally, and it was nothing to do with sex — perhaps it was more an intrusion into innocence.

It was all very well for Dad to say it was all right. She became an embroiderer and then worked in local government. Annie lives in Dorset with her second husband, a retired electrical engineer, whom she met on the internet.

She saw little of her father until she was about 11.

At 16, Bella left school and moved in with Rose Boyt, her half-sister, in London, and began sitting for her father.‘I sat nude for two paintings, which was strangely unembarrassing.

Ten of them inherited his £42 million (after tax) estate.

Some were only vaguely aware of each other’s existence.

One would expect the daughter of artist Lucian Freud — and great-granddaughter of the father of modern psychology Sigmund — to cut a Bohemian dash, and Bella Freud, 56, certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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