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The knock signaled a regular customer who had arranged to arrive late for an engagement with Elizabeth Salters, whose room was on the front east side of the second floor.(Salters confirmed this late arrival of a friend at the trial.) Rosina checked the man's identity by peeking through her bedroom window at the front steps outside; she then lighted a lamp in her room and let him into the house.Some customers came and went during the evening hours, while others stayed the night.

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Only two such lamps with the distinctive round glass font fitted on a square metal base existed in her house. Rosina entered the parlor and next noticed that the door to the backyard was ajar.

This was a door that did not require a key but instead locked with a bar that could be removed by anyone inside the house.

The Hudson River, extending along the west side of Manhattan Island and north into upstate New York, had been frozen since mid-December; in February New Yorkers could walk to Hoboken on the ice.

That particular Saturday in April, the ninth, was the first day since winter began that steamboats ventured to depart from Albany to churn their way through the icy waters down to the metropolis.

From 1991 to 1996 she chaired the Women's Studies Program there.

She is the author of A Calculating People: The Spread of Numeracy in Early America (1985) and of numerous articles and reviews, and a coauthor of The American Promise (1997).

Snow in April April 9 of 1836 was an unseasonably cold Saturday night in New York City, coming at the end of the coldest and longest winter of the early nineteenth century.

Just a few days earlier, a late storm dropped snow all over the northeast and mid-Atlantic states, but now a sudden thaw seemed to be in the making, signaling the late arrival of spring.

As he disappeared upstairs, she reported that she encountered her first real clue that something was amiss.

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