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My chase turned, therefore, in that direction, and in reply to a letter of inquiry I received the following answer : I am sure my cousin would be pleased for you to see them. Gardner, and he is President of one of the branches of the Theosophical Society (Blavatsky Lodge), and he lectures fairly often at their Hall (Mortimer Hall, Mortimer Square, W.).But he said (and wrote it to me afterwards) that he did not want them to be used in any way at present. I asked him if I might photograph them myself so as to have a few prints to give to friends interested, but he wrote that he would rather nothing was done at present. He lectured there a few weeks ago, and showed the fairies on the screen and told what he knew about them.However, of all the objections, which he considered in Our African Winter (p.

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He pronounced it absolutely genuine and a perfectly remarkable photograph. He is very interested in it and as soon as possible he is going to Bradford to see the children. Edward says the fairies are on the same line of evolution as the winged insects, etc. I fear I cannot follow all his reasonings, but I knew you would be keenly interested.

I wish you could see that photo and another one of the girls playing with the quaintest goblin imaginable!

If high-tension electricity can be converted by a mechanical contrivance into a lower tension, keyed to other uses, then it is hard to see why something analogous might not occur with the vibrations of ether and the waves of light.

This, however, is mere speculation and leads me to the fact that early in May 1920 I heard, in conversation with my friend Mr.

I would warn the critic, however, not to be led away by the sophistry that because some professional trickster, apt at the game of deception, can produce a somewhat similar effect, therefore the originals were produced in the same way.

There are few realities which cannot be imitated, and the ancient argument that because conjurers on their own prepared plates or stages can produce certain results, therefore similar results obtained by untrained people under natural conditions are also false, is surely discounted by the intelligent public.

I believe he has plans in regard to them, and the pictures are being copyrighted. This letter enclosed the two very remarkable photographs which are reproduced in this volume, that which depicted the dancing goblin, and the other of wood elves in a ring.

An explanatory note setting forth the main points of each is appended to the reproductions.

It is exactly that power of tuning up and adapting itself to other vibrations which constitutes a clairvoyant, and there is nothing scientifically impossible, so far as I can see, in some people seeing that which is invisible to others.

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