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Keep an open ear and then maybe, your partner will start to open their heart to you.

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People also base their impressions on you in milliseconds which may mean that you have to be extra careful in presenting yourself to your date.

You just need to understand a thing or two when it comes to handling dates and dealing with the opposite sex.

These are time line, sex line, and relationship line.

Time line means the strategies that women employ to find their perfect partner.

Most of the time, it is most attractive is you know that your date is comfortable and happy being themselves. However, you have to be careful so as not to appear as being to overconfident and arrogant as this may turn off your partner and block you off from their radar.

Vin Di Carlo’s book entitled Pandora’s Box – A Man’s Guide to the Female Mind is an important weapon when you go to that battlefield called love searching.First impressions matter so present yourself properly.Keeping this in mind, do not pretend to be another person that you are not as this will definitely show and this is a big turn off.Dating is fun and a good experience especially if you are able to discover things about yourself and about other people.As human beings, we are all capable of love, and as science puts it, humans have an innate need to love and be loved.This book profiles women into 8 different types, each personalities has corresponding preferences.

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