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But in 40 hours of comparing the boy-meets-girl ideas of secular students at Parsons and serious Christian ones in Alabama, Texas, New York City, and Virginia, I found a huge difference between the two groups. The classroom at Parsons has large windows along one wall to let in natural light.Easels around the room's perimeter allow the students various perspectives on the model who poses on a raised platform in the center.Since the purpose of dating/courting is to ultimately find a spouse, we should be extremely careful about who we date, right?

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We have been bought with a price, and our life is no longer our own to run. Our responsibility as Christian girls is to honor God in ALL that we do. In order to honor God in all that we do, we need to know what He thinks about us dating non-Christians. We have to go to God’s word (our source of truth) to find help on this weighty topic.

“You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. Personally, I believe God’s plan for romantic relationships is for the purpose of intentionally getting to know someone, with marriage being the end goal.

In a school where nearly 80 percent of the students are female and many men are gay, their prospects are few.

So they meet random men in Union Square or at Max Brenner's chocolate emporium. They exchange phone numbers, a crucial step in what comes next, "digital flirting." They "text and text for weeks," liberated by the sense of remove that texting allows: "You're talking, but not really." Many Christian students also prefer texting to face-to-face talking.

When one ox is larger, taller, smaller, or weaker than the other, it causes the team to lose all efficiency.

They cannot perform tasks, and instead of working together, they end up spinning in circles.

And if you’re wondering (like I was) what “unequally yoked” means, here you go.

A yoke is a wooden bar that joins two oxen together as they pull a load.

And for that reason, I would never consider dating him.

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