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Legal Status: Despite the species being imperiled, Lamprey’s currently do not receive protection under the Endangered Species Act. The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission has a lamprey conservation plan for the Columbia River Basin. Miscellaneous: Pacific lamprey provided an important food source for tribes of the Columbia River Basin and were prized for their rich, oily meat.

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Species is thought to overwinter for one year before spawning.

Threats: The dam building frenzy of the 20th Century has greatly reduced Pacific Lamprey populations.

14, 2017, at the Hotel RL by Red Lion Spokane at the Park.

(Colin Mulvany / The Spokesman-Review) It didn’t look like a tech conference. And, being completely honest, it didn’t smell like one, either.

Habitat: Similar to salmon, they prefer gravel-bottomed streams, particularly towards the upstream end of riffle habitat.

As an anadromous species, they are well adapted to both fresh and saltwater habitat.Served with some tasty pulled pork cooked in homemade blueberry barbecue sauce. Wasn’t that a movie from the ’90s starring Nicholas Cage that was directed by that guy who did “Pulp Fiction”? It’s an annual get-together of internet developers who use the Django “open-source” web framework. We called it “new media” – and that always bothered me, because my first love was newspapers, and I thought what we were doing should be called something cool that at least sounded like it was involved with newspapers, maybe like Digital Muckrakers.It was Monday evening’s opening reception for the Django Con conference, which opened in Spokane this week at the Hotel RL, and runs through Friday. (“Open source” is nerd-speak for free software that’s maintained by a “community,” working together to improve and maintain it.) They’ve come from all over the nation – the world, actually – to hang out in Spokane for a week while they learn new things, work together on something they love and kind of just geek out. Or at least a name that could be mistaken for an indoor football team.The late Elmer Crow of the Nez Perce Tribe fiercely advocated for the recovery of this important species until his tragic death in 2013.At Django Con Spokane 2017, Django developers listen to a presentation by Derik Pell called “Functional Programming in an Imperative World, Maybe,” on Monday, Aug.The next thing you know, some of the newspaper websites that I was lucky enough to be a part of started getting all sorts of recognition, even being named the best news sites in the world. After I walked from our 126-year-old building to Riverfront Park on Monday night to visit the picnic, one of the people from the convention stopped me to ask why we called it Django.

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