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The general rule of thumb when it comes to romantic comedies is that they're something a site such as this should steer clear of.

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The film takes one or two unusual turns though - signposted to a degree by the marketing - and she finds herself drawn to female companionship rather than male. It's actually directed by Mick Jackson, who would go on to make one of the biggest romance movies of the 1990s with works as well as it does.

Tightly written, gets to the point, finds a use for a big kitchen appliance that might just bring the house down, and confirms Aubrey Plaza as an actress with range, talent, and an eye for a good, offbeat project. Cher picked up one of the movie's clutch of Oscars, and she's great.

He takes the guts of the romantic comedy genre, and plays with chronology, mixes in music, and tells an otherwise fairly straightforward tale in an offbeat and diverting way. We hope that Webb heads back to smaller, more controllable films such as this once his Spidey days are over...

The American President , as it's Michael Douglas' President Andrew Marshall who's centre stage (Robert Redford had been linked with the part at one stage). James L Brooks's film also secured a deserved Oscar for Helen Hunt, and if you're looking for a reason why it works, take a look at the sequence where Nicholson's often quite unpleasant character has to come up with a compliment for Hunt's.

It's a romantic comedy laced with something just a tad deeper here - the whole idea of an older generation being disposed of.

And it's from Paul Weitz, who also directed as a modern classic, but it's actually the concrete on which the film is built.

Yet it's Tom Cruise, in perhaps his best and most likeable leading man performance, who is the core of the movie.

Granted, the film follows the template of the Tom Cruise movie - as gloriously recognised in the Rich Hall skit that we're about to show you - but that doesn't make this one any the worse.

If you can get past that conceit - for it centres on where said daughter's mother fits in - then this is quite a charming movie.

Reynolds in particular makes an affable lead, a man whose made his mistakes, but made them relatively innocently.

However, there's not one of you out there that's never watched a romantic comedy, and we'd happily wager that there's not one of you out there who won't ever watch one again.

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