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I have, however, dated men with other disabilities, like mental illness, and chromosomal defects.

Her message to able-bodied daters: If you reject someone because of their disability, you could be rejecting the next Beethoven, who was deaf and made such beautiful music that we still play it today.

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You are not responsible for seeing that someone dates them.

And because people’s tastes and inclinations differ so greatly, another person might be interested in them as they are and without a shred of pity.

Dating can be even more challenging, then, for the woman who has to spend every first date explaining how she “ended up” in a wheelchair or the man who receives pitying glances as he gives his date a rose. Census statistics in 2012, one in five people Americans has a disability and more than half consider their disability severe, but physical and cognitive limitations don't stop those with disabilities from enjoying dating and having meaningful, lasting relationships.

But many able-bodied daters may not know how to approach someone with a disability or what to avoid when asking a disabled person out. We talked to five people with disabilities and asked them about dating ups and downs, tips for other daters with disabilities, and what able-bodied people can do differently in relationships.

That said, if you are moved to invite someone for a single special occasion, such as a prom, not out of pity but out of kindness, I don’t think that can be a wrong deed.

My understanding of “pity” seems to be that to “pity” someone, you have to feel sorry for them for not being as good as you, which is arrogant in my view.

Here’s what they said: Name: Ariella Barker, 35City: Charlotte, North Carolina Disability: Spinal Muscular Atrophy Job: Attorney, former law professor, Ms. How she approaches disability and dating: In my opinion, we all have a disability in some way.

Maybe it's not a disability that falls under the legal definition and maybe it's not visible.

So whenever I make plans, I have to plan it with military precision: Where are we going? Even the closest relationships, geographically, can feel like long-distance relationships to me because it takes so much planning and so much energy.

Relationship experiences have been positive: I have so many good memories from all of my relationships.

Or Prince, who had epilepsy and was the sexiest man ever to live.

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