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This is what we wanted.'" Improvisation skills were key for General Hospital's process in the 1980s. She appeared on "Port Charles" in 1998, for one episode.

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Sad to see her smiling and giving thumbs up with her growing baby bump and to know she lost the baby not too long after that.

Kimberly then shared about her return to “General Hospital.” She was asked by showrunners to come back as part of a closure storyline for Scrubs as Jason Thompson exits to head over to “The Young and The Restless.” She wrote that she hoped Jason was off to “greener pastures” and added, “I’m really proud of the work we did, not just this go round but over the last ten years.” Kimberly also referred to Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma Drake’s portrayer) as “the most precious soul on the planet.” Even though Patrick Drake is leaving the character roster of GH – with no immediate plans for a recast – showrunners have revealed they hope to bring back both Robin and Emma occasionally to visit Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) so they’ll remain part of the background cast.

But she’s been connected to dancer Christopher Scott and snowboard designer Matt Patti in recent years.

The bottom line is, she has a serious boyfriend and in 2015, got pregnant!

We were throwing things at her and she was just talking away.

Tristan and I were looking at each other over her head going, 'This is it! We used to just talk around the plot and maybe every now and again dip our toe in the actual storyline." Afterwards, she returned as a series regular for brief stints: January 17, 1997 to February 3, 1997; March 12, 1997 to April 8, 1997; June 23, 1997 to August 8, 1997; December 11, 1997 to January 20, 1999; June 20–21, 2000 (for The Nurses' Ball); and July 16, 2004.

As it turns out, she’s an Daytime Emmy-winning actress with a longtime role on , on which she portrays a character named Robin Scorpio.

She is also the ex-girlfriend of Freddie Prinze Jr., whom she dated when she was young and for what appears to be a considerable length of time.

Kimberly posts occasional blogs on her website, but is much more active on Twitter and Instagram.

But one thing she’s made a habit of is to share with her fans a “Year End Wrap Up” post.

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