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This of course can work but many will consider it a waste of time and an overinvestment, especially if you’re looking for a fuck friend instead of a girlfriend. She knows what you’re up to, she still can give you some resistance but it’s the best thing to do. When there wasn’t even a kiss best thing to do is to repeat the first date.

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As always you have to adapt this model to a particular girl. Remember: she decides about sex but after that the man is in control – he decides where the relationship is going (if anywhere at all). The usual model that I follow for date number one is: meet the girl, short walk, venue one (mostly comfort and attraction, few spikes), short walk, second venue (attraction, seduction, more sexual, a kiss) and then bounceback home (cab or walk to your place) to finally close the deal (comfort and sexual escalation, pulling the trigger). It’s your call then – final date at your place (dinner/wine/movie/whatever) or a bridge date if you suspect comfort is the issue.

Also remember that there is always the long way – dating the girl “boyfriend style” for 4-6 dates finally closing the deal after a nice dinner at your place. Sometimes any date (first, second, third…) will take such an awful turn that you definitely won’t be seeing each other again. This of course rarely will work precisely that way due to logistics, vibe and other issues so you will be left with one of the following outcomes: 1. Mind that if she doesn’t want to come to yours after that then it’s the end. If you did get a kiss or managed to bounce her home but nothing serious happened (outcomes 2-3) definitely set up next date at your place.

Our talk concluded in both of us making notes about our latest lays and creating a basic flow for getting girl to bed in 3 dates or less. You bounced back to your place (rarely this happens without an earlier kiss) but there was no sex. So either meet up at your favorite place or a venue close to your home (but different than before! Little twist – you should bounceback after first and only location and then kiss close/fuck at your place.

This is raw material based on the past and it still has to be tested. But even more important is that before sex happens the girl has all the cards in her hand. If that doesn’t work or you merely get the kiss (but no sex) that means the girl is not that into you (or you did something to put her off).

You will learn the theory behind meeting women during the day – how to go about it, what to look for, what to say, and then it will be time to hit the streets.

For the next two hours you will be side by side with Chris, being shown and taught how to meet women on the street, in supermarkets, in stores – places that you wouldn’t have imagined finding your next date.

Then with Chris right by your side, for the following three hours you will be shown and taught how to easily and naturally approach and interact with women in bars and night venues.

This will include how to approach, how to have better conversations, how to deal with groups, how to get phone numbers, and especially how to grow your confidence in these social situations.

This skill will revolutionise your confidence and your dating life.

Why spend hours online dating, or at events that you don’t enjoy, when you can just walk out your front door?

You will be the exception after the Night Workshop.

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