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You quit kissing me and say, "Turn around and let me rub oil on your back. You open a cabinet and take out a bottle of vegetable oil, then step behind me. I watch over my shoulder as you pull your T-shirt over your head, then unbutton the waistband of your pants. You start rubbing it in, your strong hands grabbing and kneading my shoulders and spine and the sides of my ribcage. You press your chest against my back, your skin hot from the pumped up metabolism you get after a workout. You put your lips to my ear and whisper, "Bend over." "What -- why do you want --" "I want to rub your ass, that's all. " You push down on my back, and I reluctantly bend over.

The pants drop to the floor, and now you're naked except for the socks on your feet. Your other hand slides around to my front and rubs oil onto my big nipples while you kiss my neck. I feel so vulnerable, naked and gleaming with oil, bent over a countertop with my legs parted and your hard cock pressing against my pussy, but it's exciting, too. It runs down over my buttocks and down my asscrack, and some of it trickles down my legs.

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Your kick the pants free of your feet, then step between my legs and rub your stiff dick against the cotton sheathing my aching wet cunt. I'm dripping wet, and waiting for your hands to rub some more oil all over my back and massage it, and maybe onto my round little butt too. Your warm hands cup my buttocks for a moment, then you begin spreading the oil all over my butt and my hips.

You rub my clit some more and I wiggle my hips with pleasure. Please." You pull your hand out, and I feel a moment of relief.

I also get very sharp pains in my abdominal area (which I think is more my falopian tube).

I have always had these pains and sometimes I can double over by the intense pain of it all.

I'm starting to feel a warmth and tingling in my core spreading out to my extremities as my clit responds to your hand sliding up and down. You slide all the way out except for the tip of your cock. I hear a slapping, squishing noise as you bottom out and your hard belly smacks against my buns. You're grunting and sweating and slamming into me at top speed, and I'm bent over and taking my man's lust, letting him fill me with his hardness. I love being taken roughly and unleashing your desires. "Aaaah." You grab my hips with both hands and thrust as you cum deep inside me, shooting your sperm into my depths. I moan and cum and slither wetness onto the cool countertop beneath me. You reach down with your free hand and give my buns an affectionate squeeze, while your hand on my clit rubs it softly.

Fuck me hard." You grasp my hip with your free hand and plunge inside. Take it all the way inside your cunt." You take your hand off my cock and grab one of my shoulders, seeking more leverage so you can drive your hard prick as deeply as possible inside me. Then you reach around and touch my clit, and that's all I need to go over the edge. We each have a beer, and exchange small talk, while sitting at a kitchen table. "Mmm," I say, "that sure feels good." You start rubbing my neck, and then slip your hands down my shirt and onto my firm little tits. "Don't stop." You lean down and whisper in my ear that you're getting hard, and ask if I'm getting wet. "Yes." You slide your hands back up, stand straighter, and start rubbing my scalp, while pressing your cock (still inside your pants) against my cheek. My tongue laps at the underside, causing you to moan softly. When some of the shyness has worn off, you offer to rub my shoulders. I feel the hardness and open my mouth to object, but you put a finger on my lips to silence me. You slide your hands onto my cheeks and say, "Take it deeper. " I sigh, loving the feel of your hand on my tingling clit. I remember how we met at the gym today, when you offered to spot me while I bench-pressed. I just want to slide my cockhead along the outside of your pussy. This opens my pussy even wider, and it feels so sexy and erotic to be open and waiting for the strong hard man who's behind me, taking his pleasure. I think about trying to stop you, but I'm helpless. I remember how I started to get a bit turned on, looking up at the weights and seeing the bulge in your shorts as you stood over me, your hands poised to catch the heavy bar laden with weights, your eyes giving my dampened crotch an amused look and then grinning at me while I blushed in confusion. I sigh in relief, thinking you're done, but then you start rubbing your cock against my slit. Your cockhead pauses in the middle of a stroke, pauses on my slit, and then you're grasping your shaft and rubbing your cock in circles around it and muttering, "Does this feel good, slut? Yes, I like feeling your cockhead against me." "Is your sweet pussy tingling? You've grabbed my knee that's up on the countertop and you've pinned it in place. I remember how we talked afterwards, and your deep voice oh-so-innocently suggested I come to your house and have a beer with you. Do you like my cockhead slipping around your sweet little pussy? And, you've got your other hand pressing down on my back. God help me, it feels so sexy to be vulnerable and waiting to take your cock inside me.

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