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Some customers running PKZIP or Secure ZIP for Windows Desktop on Microsoft Windows 8.1 have reported they can no longer use Windows keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl-A to select all files.

While this capability is not controlled by PKZIP / Secure ZIP we currently are investigating this issue to identify if there is anything that can be changed in PKZIP / Secure ZIP to resolve this.

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To ensure integrity of the application software, PKWARE digitally signs . Depending on the version of the software you are installing, the digital certificate may have expired.

Don't worry, the signature on these files remains valid and the software remains fully operational.

The "Include subfolders" option in the Add dialog box is still available if wildcards (* or ? Win Zip automatically stores the same path information that is copied when using drag and drop or copy and paste in the Windows Explorer.

DOC files in a folder tree with a single operation.

This message just reports that the certificate used to sign the software when it was first released is now expired and will no longer be used for new digital signatures.

This only occurs if you are installing an older version of the software that was signed during the valid signing period for the certificate.

Yes, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the the Policy Manager program are available from PKWARE.

If you are already using PKZIP / Secure ZIP Enterprise or the Policy Manager on a 64-bit machine, you can download the new 64-bit Policy Manger installer from the Desktop Products update page.

If you do not yet have PKZIP / Secure ZIP Enterprise, the 64-bit software dowload now includes the 64-bit Policy Manager installer.

Customers running PKZIP or Secure ZIP for Windows Desktop on Microsoft Windows 8.1 should use version or newer.

Any idea, how to get them back without editing the registry, 'cos I haven't got the rights to do so. In case it indeed doesn't install a 32-bit one as well on 64-bit Windows: one workaround which apparently works for Ultra Edit, is to hunt down the for the 32-bit shell extension and manually registering it with Ran into the referenced problem, but with Ultraedit I found a 32bit version of what looks like the correct file (ue32ctmn.dll), but running regsvr32 with that file got an error message to the effect that the dll was loaded, but the entry point Dll Register Server was not found, and nothing was done.

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