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I’ve yet to meet a single parent, not a solitary one, who hasn’t at times found themselves sinking in a cesspool of guilt.

Not prosaic guilt like an extra piece of pie or too many drinks.

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But it’s the dread of more torrents which keep us in a constant state of alert – waiting on a storm for which we can never entirely prepare.

I’m well acquainted with this adversary named guilt.

It was like child actors playing dual roles and I was witnessing them move from one character to another.

I can still remember how perfect the agony I felt that my children even have to play the part at all.

Without warning or provocation the surge can be upon us.

It may just be a song on the radio, a seemingly inconsequential remark by another, an old family photo, or the confused look on your child’s face that can send us careening off the cliff into an abyss of woe and misery.I’m referring to a guilt that hangs like vampires on your soul; a guilt that often weighs so heavily you think you’re going to die.Guilt is the one emotion common to all of us no matter how that title of ‘single parent’ was bestowed.On more occasions than I care to remember I’ve been afflicted with its familiar symptoms.Over time and against all hope I tried to spend it away though buying my children’s love, drink it off to drown the suffering, and even killing it with unhealthy relationships hoping they would make a difference.Guilt, as with everything, ebbs and flows like waves on the ocean.

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