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He'd probably want to have sex with her, but was that so bad? I promise that I'll delete that video once I see you swallow Geoff''s cum.' Geoff was her younger brother.

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It's not like I'm making you show the video in the public room.' She started crying. The only way she could go through with this was by drinking. I guess I'll have to do it.' She nearly called him a wanker again, but held off. Just get him in your room & let nature take it's course.' 'I don't believe you, but, fine. She sneaked downstairs, trying to avoid make any noise, or attract any attention. She took the bottle up to her room, & started swigging it while looking at the computer, amazed at the predicament she found herself in.

She was too upset to bother to get dressed again right now. She couldn't believe she was thinking it, but very shortly she'd see what no sister was ever supposed to see & do what no sister was supposed to do. She'd never had the opportunity to try it out, though.

' 'No, not kissing on the lips, kissing down lower.' She let him take a few moments to twig.

You want to know what it's like to give a bloke a blowjob?

She hadn't really thought about she could explain it.

Oh, well..down on the bed -- no not there, there', pointing to where she wanted him to sit. 'I need to...' she couldn't bring herself to ask him.

I wonder if I'll like it She was already accepting the situation. She couldn't believe her body was betraying her like this. In a way, thinking that made it far easier to deal with. Being a submissive had always been a fantasy for her.

She went out into the hallway & knocked on Geoff's door.

Soon after their not-so-amicable break-up, she'd felt those familiar urges, that until now, only Bob's 6 inch monster, (or she thought then), cock could satisfy. She'd wanted to tease them, but got lost in the moment & was soon naked & fucking herself with her dildo. Every time one would explode, she'd send the owner a quick thank you, then move onto another.

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