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Dating over 50 is extremely different than dating was in your youth, not only with interactions, but also in what you seek in a partner.Truth is, being uncomfortable is a natural reaction to dating over 50.

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In some cases, you are stretching your social muscles for the first time, but don't worry, it's never too late to improve in this area.

The more comfortable you are meeting people, the more confident you'll seem.

If you feel like I'm describing your personal situation, please read on.

I'm going to share my top five tips to help you with dating over 50 and increasing your odds of finding love.1. Putting pressure on meeting each new man will not make it easier.

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You aren't sure where to turn, what to do or who to trust which creates frustration and leaves you feeling a bit hopeless. Given that it's been years and maybe even decades since the last time you looked for love, you are probably a bit rusty.

If your man hunting skills harkens back to your 20's, it's time for a refresher course.

You'll need to meet lots of men to find one good mate. Being selective about the men you date is smart dating strategy.

Most women stop short of what would be a realistic number. I don't know if you'll need to meet 100 men or 30 like I did. But frequently, women exclude men without a second thought which is a shame.

Many of the women I've worked with readily admit they don't remember how to flirt or see why they should.

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