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Never give money to anyone you haven’t met regardless of how trustworthy the woman may seem.

Here we recap important tips about money: Detecting fraud on our site is one of our top priorities.

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Please include the member’s username and ID and details as to the nature of your concerns.

If you’re unsure about a member’s profile, ask us for advice.

She will have enticing pictures of herself on her profile to draw you in.

She will say she has been contacted by the translation agency she uses to communicate with you about her unpaid bill, and that she can no longer afford to pay for translation services.

Pay attention to these signs that may indicate a problem: Scammers start by spending a significant amount of time messaging and gaining your trust.

They pose as beautiful women and act extremely charming – then one day you’ll get a message asking for money for something.A woman might claim she knows travel agents who offer great deals.She will insist she must be the one to handle the money and arrangements because the travel agent is a family member or friend.They may spend weeks or months trying to build trust to execute their plan.If you end up talking to someone who turns out to be a scammer, it’s natural to feel disappointed, especially if you had high hopes for the relationship.These are likely scammers with elaborate fake websites to trick you into thinking they are legitimate.

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