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If you’re on Medicare with AARP’s supplementary insurance these are a no-brainer.

The advantage of these hearing aids is that you get to see an audiologist in person for programming and adjustments.

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“I ordered 2 a Blues with just the simple remote and have been wearing them for almost 3 weeks. I was at a very noisy event last night and by using the remote to cycle to the correct setting was able to participate completely in conversations with everyone at the table. I have also noticed a huge difference at work – so much less having to ask for repetition.” Another user recommends the slightly more expensive Audicus model: “You should have purchased the a Note instead of the a Blue.

“The a Note is a Hansaton Sorino, a much newer and more advanced model.” Another benefit, the a Note is also adjustable from the remote.

Costco is the low-cost hearing aid provider that’s rated highest on the hearing aid forums (and probably everywhere else, too).

Costco offers the same brands and models you can find at an audiologist’s office for about half the price (with the exception of the Kirkland, which is the Costco brand).

After surfing the Hearing Aid Forums I found out that digital hearing aids are adjustable by the user and that all this time, I could have been making all kinds of little adjustments.

I also learned that I could have gotten a much better deal at Costco.Audicus hearing aids range from 9 to 9 each and are extensively advertised online.I read on the forums that they use technology from Siemens, a major hearing aid manufacturer, but the company cuts out the middleman-audiologist.Tip: Audicus is currently running a special where if you buy two you get the controller for free.Use the code ‘remote’ at checkout if you buy 2 a Notes.Here’s another thing I learned: The reason 80 percent of hard of hearing Americans find hearing aids too pricey to bother with might have something to do with the fact that they’re sold by only a few companies that keep a monopolistic control over the prices.

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