Dating mommas boy

It’s likely that he will see you as an equal partner and be more accepting to you building your own career, as opposed to just sitting at home knitting and tending to house duties all day.

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Or going behind your back to get her to weigh in on important decisions that don’t really concern her.

Or even worse, she just might be overbearing and around so often that it creates an unhealthy dynamic in your relationship.

He will open doors for you, foot the bill when he invites you out, and be the gentleman that you have always wanted in a guy.

So you can thank his mom for blazing a trail of morals, values, and treating women with respect.

This leads to him not pulling his weight in a lot of areas, and if he’s heavy, you’ll expend all of your energy trying to carry him on your back. Of course it’s a good thing that he’s close with his mom.

It shows he understands the importance of family and comes from a good place.

It bodes well for long-term commitment and finding a man who craves a fulfilling partnership with a woman.

But all good things come at a cost, and as long as you can take his shortcomings and weird “mom habits” with a patient smile and understanding appreciation, you should be just fine.

It’s also hard when he’s always talking her up, whether it’s talking about how funny and cool she is, or when he shows you old pictures of her and it reminds you of how epic a babe she was in her day.

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