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The memo asked members to donate to 0 to help to fund the early stages of the election campaign.None of these predictions for a federal election to occur in 2007 proved true, but the majority of pundits still believed a federal election would be triggered before the fixed election date of October 19, 2009, for sometime in 2008.The 39th Parliament became Canada's longest serving Conservative minority on October 24, 2006.

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The election call resulted in the cancellation of four federal by-elections that had been scheduled to occur in September.

In 2007, Parliament passed a law fixing federal election dates every four years and scheduling the next election date as October 19, 2009, but the law does not (and constitutionally cannot) limit the powers of the Governor General to dissolve Parliament at any time, such as when opposition parties bring down the government on a vote of confidence.

Protecting Kannada land and Kannada people is our responsibility,” he says in the video.

The Chief Minister is also seen warning those who want to divide Karnataka, saying, “I have associated myself with people like Devanoora Mahadeva, Dr Rajkumar and pro-Kannada activist Pa Mallesh.

Independents and other parties constituted 1% of the total vote with one independent winning a seat.

Since the 2006 election, seven Members of Parliament (MPs) had changed party: David Emerson, Wajid Khan, and Joe Comuzzi from Liberal to Conservative; Garth Turner from Conservative to Independent to Liberal; Blair Wilson from Liberal to Independent to Green; Louise Thibault from Bloc Québécois to Independent; and Bill Casey from Conservative to Independent.

Last week, Siddaramaiah ordered Bangalore Metro Rail officials to take down all Hindi signs in Metro Stations after pro-Kannada protests had rocked the city.

He had also written to the Centre stating the same.

While the video says people from neighbouring and other states are welcome in Karnataka, they must not try to “attack Kannada language, land and water”.

Siddaramaiah says in the video that no such attack will be tolerated.

Part of the reason for the timing of the election was given as strengthening Conservative poll numbers coupled with the desire to take advantage of the perception that Harper has "better leadership qualities than Liberal counterpart Stéphane Dion".

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