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: Selecting the right data warehouse platform for your organization How to evaluate data warehouse software in five steps Commodity hardware aiding data warehouse appliance performance, costs Why you should build a data warehouse Workload management tools key to running busy data warehouses I want to know more about data warehousing concepts.I have read that data warehousing projects take a long time and are not always commercially successful. There are many reasons for an enterprise to implement data warehousing (DW), such as competitive advantage, improving business operations and regulatory compliance.It’s also a better experience for the thousands of visitors who buy tickets to view the floats as they are decorated, Tibbet said. The convoy of mostly-decorated floats takes six to eight hours for the journey, and it provides a free sneak peek for the many families who know to come out and watch.

This year it completed its transition to new warehouses in Azusa and Irwindale.

"When we looked for a new facility certainly, we wanted to stay in Pasadena, but unfortunately the fact of the matter is is that buying a building for us is a big step to begin with. "So Irwindale offers a much more attractive value." Beyond price barriers, it was difficult to find buildings with enough indoor space for floats that can be up to 55 feet long and 16 feet tall.

Although those make for good headlines, the reality is that very few BI or data warehousing projects really fail technically. There are plenty of online resources from which you can learn about data warehousing and BI: I would also suggest data warehousing and business intelligence training that explains the concepts, fundamentals and architectures involved in these projects.

Rather, they fail to meet timeline or spending expectations. Too many people believe that data warehousing is just like the application development they did in the past, which is why so many projects are late and over budget.

Thanks to high real estate prices, the giant warehouses where the colorful floats are built have moved elsewhere.

The float-building tradition in Pasadena began with the rose-covered carriages that Valley Hunt Club members rode to promote tourism to California in 1890.

This process means talking to business groups across the enterprise, which is time consuming -- but worth it to ensure the right information becomes available throughout the enterprise.

You might have read surveys about the high failure rate of BI or data warehousing projects.

The Rose Float Plaza South, at 5400 Irwindale Ave., is not far from the Gold Line station in Irwindale.

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